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Risk Management

Managing Risk

Managing Risk

Risk Transference

For our business-leading clients, addressing financial risk to their company or practice is a major priority. At Tranquil Advisors we will work with you to determine which areas you are in most need of protection and guide you to solutions accordingly.

Risk Transference Strategies

Insurance Strategies

Whether your insurance needs are for malpractice, business, umbrella, or life, our holistic approach offers you a risk transfer solution.

Risk-managed investments

We work with corporations and individuals to utilize a variety of risk managed investment solutions that mitigate investment risk. The core rationale is that it is not what you earn but what you keep.

Guaranteed Retirement Income

Insurance strategies can be incorporated into your plan as a mechanism for a guaranteed income stream during your retirement. Guarantees are placed on the claims paying ability of the issuing company. Specific individualized tax advice not provided. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

Estate Tax

We will explore strategies such as ownership of life insurance in an irrevocable trust to utilize discounted dollars for payment of future estate taxes.

Business Solutions

For our corporate clients, we look at the utilization of Corporate owned life insurance as a discounted dollar mechanism to provide golden handcuff executive benefits and address business risk (Key Man) or liquidity risk (Buy/Sell). As an independent business ourselves, we understand the importance of your key people.

Solutions for Your Specific Needs


Meet Raj

With more than thirty years of experience as a financial advisor, Raj brings a broad understanding of client needs both individually and at the executive level. He’s dedicated to working with professional individuals to create planning partnerships that aim to foster growth.

You deserve a tranquil planning experience. One that is mindful of your time and needs. At Tranquil Advisors, our only agenda is yours.

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