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Wealth Management

A Proactive Approach

A Proactive Approach

Wealth Solutions for Your Specific Needs

These days everyone has an opinion on what the best investment strategy is. Unless you enjoy parsing through multiple media sources, listening to an onslaught of podcasts, or keeping glued to a trading app, having a trusted advisor is a necessity. Tranquil Advisors has spent three decades partnering with busy professionals to make their wealth planning easier.

Risk-Tolerance Strategy

Risk-Tolerance Strategy

Asset Allocation

With the plethora of stocks, funds, and other investment options out there, it takes an experienced eye to spot the options that are a good fit for you and your business. When run-of-the-mill plans are not well enough in-tune with your business, turn to us for custom wealth management based on your unique goals and risk-tolerance. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Risk-Managed Investing

Risk-Managed Investing

Strategies Based on Risk Tolerance

We can’t control the markets, but we can adjust risk exposure based on your tolerance. Tranquil Advisors can assist you with defining your risk tolerance at the beginning of your planning process. Then all other factors of your investment strategy can be managed based on that criteria.

If your assets are like furniture, then your investment strategy is like a table. We see the four legs of your investment table as: Passive Investments, Active Investments, Risk-managed solutions, and your Individual Stock Portfolio.

As your risk tolerance evolves, so should your risk management solutions. Tranquil Advisors will evaluate changes in the market as well as in your life. This way, variables that effect your risk level will be balanced proactively in an effort to keep your investment “table” sturdy.

Four Legs of the Investment Table

Active Investments

Not to be confused with market timing, we monitor trends and adjust your holdings strategiclly to keep them in line with you risk tolerance.

Passive Investments

We will guide you through selecting index funds or other mutual funds that rely on long-term performance seeking a positive impact.

Individual Stock Portfolio

Using modern portfolio theory, we offer insights into the markets that relate to your personal risk level, and align with your overall financial goals.

Risk-managed solutions

Hybrid investment strategies such as structured investments have the potential to create profitable opportunities by utilizing both stock and bonds. We'll guide you through the complexities of these investments.

Solutions for Your Specific Needs


Meet Raj

With more than thirty years of experience as a financial advisor, Raj brings a broad understanding of client needs both individually and at the executive level. He’s dedicated to working with professional individuals to create planning partnerships that aim to foster growth.

You deserve a tranquil planning experience. One that is mindful of your time and needs. At Tranquil Advisors, our only agenda is yours.

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